GMS Piling Products, LLC Opens Manufacturing Facility

Press Release:
GMS Piling Products, LLC opens manufacturing facility

January, 2014

Mountaintop, PA – Gene Swindell, President of GMS Piling Products announces the opening of a new facility for producing custom length piling products. The new facility is equipped with cutting, threading and splicing departments to output threaded pipe & custom length, site-ready piling for both driven and drilled foundation projects.

GMS Piling Products, the Pennsylvania based structural pipe supplier, has been providing threaded casing and standard piling sizes, as well as drilling accessories, including Drill Rods, Crossover Subs, Duplexes, et al., since its opening in 2009. Says Swindell, “I wanted to start a company more centered on the client experience and the reality of the piling product delivery. This has been the core of our business to this point – getting the product into that delivery space how and when the client expects it, and keeping in contact.”

In working with some contractor clients, the need became apparent to provide ‘install-ready’ threaded casing sections and pre-welded piling lengths. Swindell and GMS began working toward a solution of delivering custom sections, cut or spliced to order, directly to the jobsite, ready to install.

In late November 2014, GMS opened the 60,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility. AWS certified welders and professional machinists man the Mountain Top, PA shop which can accommodate splicing up to 24” outer diameter on splicing and up to 80’ length. Threading capabilities on piling up to 24” outer diameter are possible as well.

“This may take some getting used to on the part of many estimators and project managers,” says Swindell, “However the ability to order the materials more exact to the project needs and receive delivery ready to install will save both time and money on certain jobs. This is something we’re certain contractors can get used to.”



Contact: George R. Compton, Principal, Construct Marketing, LLC (973) 729-7290 or
Gene Swindell, President, GMS Piling Products (570) 675-2933