GMs Piling Products applications include Micropile, Driven Pile, Underpinning, Soil Nails & More

GMS Piling Products’ experience in the different systems and applications of deep foundations is a contractor’s competitive advantage.



Small to medium diameter pile, typically less than 300mm and in smaller sizes, often called micropiles. May be installed uncased or cased and typically reinforced before grouting. Often used in low-headroom and where lesser disturbance to surrounding soil and adjacent structures are required. GMS provides standard sizes of casing in shorter lengths with custom threading .

Driven Pile

Concrete-filled steel pipe piles, typically in the range of 300 to 600 mm diameter and of varying pipe thicknesses, are installed by repeatedly dropping a heavy steel weight on the pipe until the penetration resistance of the soil or rock strata is adequate to develop the required load capacity. The pipe is then filled with concrete. Pipe piles may be installed in groups or as a single element. GMS provides custom lengths, wall thicknesses and standard diameters as required, straight weld and spiral weld.


Post structural foundation support.  Similar to Micropiles, typically in diameters from 150 to 300 mm. The difference is usually the method of installation, namely jacked in place by using the structure above as resistance. Casing is fabricated in short lengths with specialized threading for ease of assembly in confined space. GMS provides custom lengths, diameters, thicknesses and threading.

Soil Nails

Include solid or hollow reinforcing bars installed in a cased or uncased drill hole that are grouted along or through bar to fill the annulus and center of the bar. This method is used to support slopes and walls through unstable ground. GMS all standard grades and diameters of hollow bar for use for rotary and rotary percussion drilling methods.

Soldier Pile & Bracing

Earth support retaining walls/structures may be installed by driving or drilling-in vertical pipe wall elements, at required spacing, and inserting wood or concrete lagging between. Tiebacks, rock anchors or internal bracing may be used to provide lateral support of the soldier pile wall for deep excavations. Internal bracing typically includes pipe elements installed as cross lot and/or raker bracing with corner bracing. GMS can supply piping cut to custom lengths for soldier pile walls and bracing for other excavation support wall types.



GMS Piling Products’ experience is a contractor’s competitive advantage.